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Piccoli Morsi

Marinated Olives 3.50  (6,14)

Semi Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Roast Marinated Sweet Red Peppers 5.00  (6,7,8)

Rocket & Shaved Parmesan Salad with balsamic vinegar & pesto 4.50  (6,7,8-pinenuts, 10,14,)

Garlic Bread 4.50  (1,7)

Garlic Bread with Mozzarella Cheese 5.00   (1,7)

Garlic Bread with Mozzarella Cheese and semi-sundried Tomatoes 6.00   (1,6,7,14)


Calamari €8.00
Fried baby squid,with a lime & chilli mayo  (1,2,4,6,10)

Mushroom Bruschetta 9.00
Portabello mushrooms in a truffle cream sauce, with a rocket & parmesan salad  (1,6,7,8-pinenuts, 10,14)

Bresaola 9.00
Cured beef from Vialtelina, with toasted pine nuts, pesto, rocket & parmesan shavings   (6,7,8,-pinenuts,10,14)

Formaggio Di Capra 9.00
Baked goats cheese, pesto crust with rocket, roast pepper & balsamic  (1,6,7,8-pinenuts,10,14,)

Tavole di Legno

Breads & Dips 8.00
Olive tapenade, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar & pesto  (1,3,6,7,8-walnuts,pinenuts,10,14,)

Bordo Carne 9.50
A selection of Italian meats with dips & breads   (1,3,6,7,8-walnuts,pinenuts,10,14,)

Antipasto Misto 15.00
Designed to share. Selection of Italian meats, Italian cheese, marinated olives, semi sun-dried tomatoes, sweet roast pepper, olive tapenade, basil pesto fresh breads & crostini  (1,3,6,7,8-walnuts,pinenuts,10,14,)

Antipasto Vegetariano 14.00
Italian cheese, marinated olives, Artichokes, semi sun-dried tomatoes, Goats cheese, sweet roast pepper, olive tapenade, basil pesto fresh breads & crostini  (1,6,7,8-almonds,walnuts,pinenuts,10,14,)

Insalata Principali

Crispy Fried King Prawns 12.00
Chili Mayo, roast bread croutons, tossed leaves, tomoato, roast peppers  (1,2,4,6,7,8-pinenuts,10,14,)

Speziato Chicken Salad 12.00
Sun dried tomatoes, roast peppers, garlic sauteed potato & balsamic glaze  (1,4,6,7,8-pinenuts,10,14,)

Chicken & Pancetta Salad 12.00
Sun dried tomatoes, roast peppers, garlic sauteed potato & balsamic glaze  (1,4,6,7,8-pinenuts,10,14,)


Napoletana 10.50
Spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce (1,6,7,14)

Spaghetti E pollo
Spaghetti with chicken, pesto cream & rocket(1,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Napoletana and Pancetta 13.50
Spaghetti in a tomato and basil sauce with crispy pancetta (1,6,7,14)

All ‘Arrabbiata e pollo 14.50
Penne with sauteed chicken with roast garlic, tomato, chilli , basil & cream (1,6,7,14)

Spaghetti Bolognese 13.50
Traditional bolognese sauce with spaghetti (1,6,7,14)

Funghi 13.00
Tagliatelle with mushrooms white wine and truffle cream sauce (1,4,6,7,14)
Add Chicken 2.00

Tagliatelle 14.50
Tagliatelle with chicken pesto cream and rocket (1,4,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Gamberetti Picante 15.00
Spaghetti with prawns in a chili, tomato and basil sauce (1,2,6,7,14)

Funghi and crispy pancetta 14.50
Spaghetti with mushrooms, white wine, truffle cream sauce and pancetta (1,6,7,14)

Pomodoro Ciligino E chorizo 15.00
Tagliatelle with chorizo, Vine cherry tomatoes, sauteed chicken in a tomato basil mascarpone sauce (1,4,6,7,14)

Tagliatelle Mandorle
Tagliatelle with broccoli, mascarpone and lemon in a white wine, cream and basil sauce with toasted almonds (1,4,6,7,8-almonds,pinenuts,14)

All pasta dishes available using a gluten free pasta replacement

Piatti Principali

Spigola  18.00
Pan seared seabass, with fennel, orange and basil salad and toasted almond (3,4,6,8,8-almonds, pinenuts,10,14)

Pollo e Funghi 18.00
Pan roast chicken Supreme with mushroom truffle cream sauce (6,7,14)

Pollo Tuscan E Salsiccia 18.00
Pan Roast Chicken Supreme with a Mixed Bean, sweet & spicy Italian Sausage Ragu (6,7,10,14)

All Piatti Principali served with Rosemary & Garlic Potato

Artisan Pizza

Margherita tomato basil and mozzarella cheese 14.00 (1,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Italian sweet and spicy pepperoni, tomato, mozzarella and basil 15.00 (1,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Goats cheese, cherry tomato, pesto, roast red pepper, thyme and mozzarella 15.00 (1,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Crisp pancetta, semi sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella 15.00 (1,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Balsamic roast mushroom and goat’s cheese, tomato basil sauce 15.00 (1,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Gorgonzola, roast pear and toasted flakes almonds 15.00 (1,6,7,8-almonds,pinenuts,14)

Speziato – spiced chicken with roast red peppers mozzarella and chili flakes 15.00 (1,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Rosscarbery Black Pudding & Artichoke 15.00

Italian Sweet n Spicy Sausage, olives, peppers & sundried tomato 16.00 (1,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Rosscarberry black pudding & Pancetta 15.00  (1,6,7,8-pinenuts,14)

Gluten free bases contain (6,14)

Gluten free pizza available


Hand cut triple cooked chunky chips 4.50

With truffle Mayo and grated parmesan 5.50 / with picante (hot) mayo 5.00 (4,6,7,10,14)

Skinny fries 4.00
With truffle Mayo and grated parmesan 5.00 / with picante (hot) mayo 4.50 (4,6,7,10,14)

Rosemary and garlic sauteed potatoes 5.00 (6,7,14)

Insalata mista, with cherry tomatoes red pepper and semi sundried tomatoes 5.00

Broccoli 3.50
Broccoli with toasted almonds (7,8-almonds)


ALLERGENS; 1 wheat (gluten). 2 crustaceans, 3 fish, 4 eggs, 5 peanuts, 6 soybeans, 7 milk, 8 nuts, 9
celery, 10 mustard, 11 sesame, 12 lupin, 13 molluscs, 14 sulpher/sulphites


Wed-Thurs:  12.30pm -9.00pm,
Fri: 12.30pm -9.30pm,
Sat: 1.00pm -9.30pm,
Sun :  1.00pm - 8.30pm.

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Unit 7/8 High Street,
Wilton, Cork.

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